Collaboration with AK-Ski Switzerland

Skiing was always my all time favorite sport. Since I was three years old I loved sliding down the white ‘skin’ , that’s how back then I called snow. From sliding I advanced to using poles, from ski poles to joining the race team East Switzerland and then I conquered freestyle skiing! I was faster than all the others, I left everybody behind jumping over moguls, gliding over the white pistes, flying. It was exhilarating. An important part of my love for skiing were the outfits. I knew all the latest styles. 

I was familiar with the Ellesse ski pants which all the ski stars were wearing, knew all the ski brands. After long discussions I chose Lange ski boots in neon orange with yellow, afterwards everything was just white. I had the American The Ski skis and Hansen boots, both a dream on the piste.

After I had a cruciate ligament rupture two years ago , I did not want to rent skis any more, I wanted to own them. While I was hiking in the Dolomites I saw the skis of my dream in the window of a sports store. 
Black, round blades featuring only the AK-Ski logo. I had to have them! After my hiking vacation I drove directly to the factory in Stan’s-Stad. Although it was August the creators of the wonder skis Francesca and Marco Kuonen and Jeanpierre Erni where there and we hit it off immediately. We decided to work together, they would provide the skis, I would provide the clothes. Last November I bought my silver pair with a shiny pink coating and of course the matching Technica ski boots in silver grey with white. The first turns on the snow were a bit hesitant but then I was flying again. The new skis were spectacular. They provided great support and were fast and easy to navigate. I was psyched. 
But nothing happened after our initial meeting. Then I had an idea, I wanted to offer printed down jackets for my ‘19-20 winter collection. When I received the first prototypes I photographed them and whatsapped them to Francesca. They were really fab! I told her I needed matching skis. She said cool, done deal. That’s how The Crazy Ski Collection was born. 
All exclusive limited addition skis are for everyone who dares to be different on the slopes and wants to make a statement. 
That’s it !